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Date: from 21 Dec 14:00 to 29 Dec 18:00


1) Scintillation detector assembly by Dr. P.K. Mohanty, Mrs. Shobana, Mr. Pandurangan Location : Mezzanine floor, New building 2) Scintillation detector calibration by Mr. Arjunan, Ms. Jhansi Bhavani Location : Ground floor, New building 3) Measurement of mean muon lifetime - By Mr. Hari Haran, Mr. Pankaj Rakshe Location : Ground floor, New building 4) Measurement of muon velocity by Mr. Atul Jain, Dr. Arun babu, Mr. Kingston Location : Ground floor, New building 5) Study on proportional counters by Mr. Manjunath, Mr. Meeran Zuberi, Mr. Sreeganth Location : KGF building 6) Study of gamma rays using NaI detectors by Dr. P.K. Nayak, Mr. B. Rajesh Location : KGF building 7) High speed electronics by Mr. Kaviti Ramesh, Mr. Shubham Negi Location : Control room building 8) Transmission lines by Mr. P. Jagadeesan, Mr. Anuj Chandra, Mr. Surjith Location : KGF building

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