Scientific Program:
The scientific program consists of a set of lectures in the morning session and laboratory experiments during the afternoon session, on each day of the winter school. Topics to be covered during the sessions are listed below.

Morning Lecture Session:
During the period 21-29 December 2016 the school would be conducted on 8 days, with 25 December 2016 would be holiday. During these  8 days a total of 32 lectures, each of 50 minutes duration, would be given during the morning sessions covering the following areas;
(1) Physics of High Energy Interactions
(2) High Energy Astroparticle Physics
(3) Solar Physics
(4) Computational Methods for Data Analysis
(5) Charged Particle Detection
Grapes Array

Afternoon Laboratory Session:

A large number laboratory experiments are being setup wth four broad themes namely; (1) Operation of scintillators, (2) Signal processing, (3) Measurements using relativistic radiation, (4) Analysis of the observed data. Each participant would have an opportunity to take part in one experiment per day for a total of 8 experiments over the course of the winter school. Each participant would have an opportunity  to  work  on  at least 2 experiments  in  each of the 4 categories.